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About MyVillage

My Village provides a methodology and a suite of interconnected tools to improve your local wellbeing and local financial economy. We provide an integrated community information management system together with strategic support to enable social cohesion and to build inter and intra connected community resilience.

The objective is to align all community stakeholders to one agreed central vision; this includes all organisations, civic groups, businesses, skilled locals, job seekers, job providers, local produce, local resources, residents and visitors. By intelligently sharing and linking information with opportunities, risks and strategy and by encouraging the core principles of a community vision in a cohesive and structured manner, you will maximise community engagement and the benefits thereof.

Key Objectives:

  • Strengthen your local community against risks
  • Strengthen your community to realise local opportunities
  • Create and Realise a Local Vision
  • Enable Social Change Maker Groups (‘intra’ and ‘inter’ community)
  • Local Skills and Social Upliftment
  • Trade Local & Support Local
  • Achieve Local Business Excellence
  • Support and understand surrounding communities and their needs

Government and business sectors have revenue and are highly organised; organised civic society must become a major societal player to create a culture of generating value through collaboration.

Create Community Value

Connecting you to your community resources.

  • Create a Community Vision and establish Clearly Defined Goals.

  • Find Community Change Makers and Civic Groups; support their activities.

  • Connect & inform those in need, with those who have and can.

  • Find, Support and trade with Local Businesses, Skills and Services.

  • Strengthen trade and build the Local Economy.

  • Engage your Community; Increase Economic and Social Participation.

  • Inform and Survey your Community.

  • Successfully achieve your Community Goals.

  • Connect with neighbouring communities; share knowledge, methods and skills.

  • Link up neighbouring communities; strength in numbers and common needs.


Community Vision

A blueprint and methodology for creating a community vision.

Community Window

Your central community hub, that showcases the community vision and those who work to it’s realisation. Connecting your businesses with your community groups.

What’s On and Events

See what’s happening in your community. Upload and promote your events to members and through social media. Drive participation and celebrate your community.

Community Directory

An integrated directory of you community elements including businesses, opportunities and action groups.

Niche Marketing Platforms

Promote your successful community and encourage economic opportunity. Reach people outside of the community in a modern, compelling way.

Civic Group Website Templates

Easy to use web-based templates to help you connect your community.

The Rollout

1. Identify Community Champions

Residents committee or other

2. Create Community Vision

Workshops, Interviews, Surveys, Consolidation of Ideas, Proposal Document, Community Acceptance

3. Launch  Community Window

A technical rollout of the template. Look and feel based on vision. Vision content showcased

4. Add Community Window Content

Each civic change maker group clearly defined: Objectives, Resources, Challenges & Successes

5. Integrate Community Directory

Integrate central business and skills directory and populate local content

6. Link up to Niche Marketing Platforms

Tourism, Trade, Jobs, Security, Events, Markets, Training

7. Ongoing Content Management

Community events, news, issues, threats and opportunity

8. Ongoing Assessment

To improve community engagement

Community Tools

My Village Window

A window into your community (suburb); the community vision presented and a showcase of all civic groups, activities, events, services and lifestyle needs relevant to you area, from the My Village suite of tools. List your business or your civic organisation and start engaging with your community. Task management for the community; track ideas into projects into results. Share the vision, and activate community participation.

This project was initiated in the Community of Noordhoek, which will act as the blueprint and test case for rolling out to other communities. Being ‘Good Neighbours’ to surrounding communities is a central theme to their vision and this extends to good community management methods.

A consolidated view of all the different community window listed businesses, services, education centres, civic groups and local skills providers. Enabling visitors to easily find and connect with you.

List the jobs in your community, for the community. Search for job opportunities in your area. Employ locals and promote your local economy. Find and encourage internships. Work close to where you live; it’s good for businesses too.

List all your community events. From festivals, and live music to markets and community meetings. Tell your community what is happening. Manage your ticket sales and event promotion through a single site.

Your community is unique and deserves to be showcased. A community Destination Marketing tool for tourism and travel elements. Give visitors a reason to come and enjoy your successful community.

Safety and security is a key to building strengthen the community. ‘Secure My Village’ is a set of unique community safety solutions that enables neighbourhood watches and any emergency response team to respond and deal with safety issues.

Additional Community Tools Coming Soon

Developing tools to help build stronger more connected communities

My Village Change Makers

Sharing good news stories within each community. Connecting Change Makers across communities. Sharing skills, resources and knowledge

My Village Local Market

Promoting local produce. Showcase and encourage locally produced products. A market place for all

My Village Training

All training programs for improving skills. Showing places, and resource requirements, and matching empty chairs to the most worthy local candidates. Linking training to real local economic opportunities.

My Village Trade

Visibility of all local trade and investment opportunities. Potential investor and enabler networks. Join the local trade, and participate in creating opportunities

My Village Conferences

Visibility of all local conference resources (link to events) for corporate and government events. Full management and booking services.

Lets build stronger local communities together.

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